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About us

The CoFounders

Founded by University of Lincoln Business and Management graduates Declan Kitching and Luke Wright.

We are keen workers and avid believers in people. We see the true value of effective team-working between students and have made it our mission to ensure that the chances of success are increased.

Declan Kitching

Luke Wright

We believe

At university, we had to work with multiple groups for different assignments and the apps we used for communication and planning were mainly social media focused (Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp etc.) but we found that they were not viable or very effective.

We ended up bouncing between different platforms to simply organise our workload.

The process mainly involved checking timetables and comparing them with your group members, finding and booking a suitable rooms, remembering the details (project, time, location etc.) and generally finding it too much to handle.

We then asked ourselves

“Why isn’t everything in one place and why isn’t it easy?”

There’s plenty of collaboration platforms to download, but realistically, will everyone use them? Most are either over-complicated and have core values which are not directly focused on students.

Our vision

Is to improve students’ engagement (within education) across the globe through an application designed with a sole academic focus that’s built with features that directly caters to students’ needs.

Together, we join to accomplish.