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Collaborate easier with features designed with students in mind

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Get Talking!


Share voice notes and media

Share links and documents

Read receipts

Be notified in chat

Easily create group meetings

Create and share notes

Add or remove associates at any time

Find Your Associates


QR codes

Instantly add friends and create groups

Save time by scanning your peers into your associates list instantly.


  • Instantly add multiple students to group
  • All students calendars are synced
  • Create meetings effortlessly

Plan for success


Using associate

Work Smart

Achieve More

Stay Ahead


Get Collaborating


Stay organised

Organising meetings has never been so easy and you can be notified before your meeting to remind you.

Create a new meeting

Select students

Select a free slot

Set name and location

Important Info Saved


We Make It Easy

Personal & Group notes

Share with your groups

Set reminders

Access via chat

Attach photos, links, and leave comments