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We make collaborating easier with our next step up from basic communication apps by including an integrated calendar and notes features within the chat.

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Get Talking!


Share photos, videos and voice notes

Upload internally from within your chat or externally from your mobile

Share links and documents

Beam across the important stuff

Read receipts

Make sure everyone knows what’s happening

Be notified in chat

You don’t have to rely on your memory for all things important

Easily create group meetings

All members timetables are already combined, showing free slots to meet

Create and share notes

Take notes, share with your chat members so it doesn’t get buried

Add or remove associates at any time

Have control of your group

Find Your Associates


QR codes

Instantly add friends and create groups

Save time by scanning your peers into your associates list instantly.


  • Instantly add multiple students to group
  • All students calendars are synced
  • Create meetings effortlessly

Plan for success


A Snapshot Of Your Day

Home Page

Associate isn’t just about collaborating, it’s also about staying organised!

Your timetable presents your day ahead on the opening page.

Be On Time,


Having an overview of what you have upcoming means no more relying on memory. Be on time, everytime.

Our UI makes it easy on the eye so your day overview has never looked so good.

Get Collaborating


Stay organised

Organising meetings has never been so easy and you can be notified before your meeting to remind you.

Create a new meeting

Select individuals or group to compare timetables

Select a free slot

Set name and location

Important Info Saved


Creat and share
important content

  • A notes section within your group chats.
  • All members can view
  • Download files
  • Keep all important information in a safe place

Manage your notes

Personal/Group notes

Create folders for categories

Re-order and organise folders

Share notes with individuals or groups

Set reminders to review notes in the future

We make it easy

Edit notes any time

Seen receipts once shared

Easily move notes to different folders

Can also be accessed within your chats

Attach photos, links, and leave comments