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Higher & Further Educational Institutions


Effective collaboration and organisation tool for your students

There’s a greater need for collaborative learning as we are moving into the post-covid world.

We believe in institutions maintaining the gold standard and keeping ahead of the curve.

Investing in students to improve engagement, retention, productivity and learner experiences will increase success rates and satisfaction.

Our unique platform designed with a sole academic focus works towards this goal.

Paving the way for the future

Institutions need to adapt to stay ahead of the curve or risk falling down the University table.
Providing Associate will add to the student investment which looks great for your institution.

We aim to motivate students to succeed and accomplish their academic goals with our engaging yet social learning experience that they will enjoy using… that’s our promise

Paving the way for the future

Invest in the future to maintain the Gold Standard of Higher Education

Institutions are good to be seen as driving forward innovative technologies to better the education they provide.

Associate is not just an app, we have an augmented product which is the close working relationship with our customers. We work with you to ensure absolute success for your students and ultimately, your institution. We opt in to clear communication and feedback so our service is perfect for you and your students.

Student retention is a key area that needs investing in and we aim to make group collaboration more productive yet feel more enjoyable.


This will motivate students to collaborate better and more often as it harnesses the best out of two or more students together.

Through collaboration, Associate helps students work together more openly and steer groups towards a higher success rate, enhancing educational satisfaction.


Ensuring an effective way of learning for all.

Time is knowledge

Associate solves the pains and frustrations of today’s on-the-go learners. Access anytime, anywhere, connect with any student, utilising the best of today’s technologies.

In the current digital age, students are accustomed to speed, quick delivery and receiving results instantly. We’re designed for speed and produce results


Having a slow and drawn-out process to complete a simple task is a thing of the past as institutions try to improve their services to save students seconds. With our group-meeting features, note sharing and fast connections… we save minutes.

We will continue to provide our customers with a digital environment that’s best suited for your students and your institution. That’s our promise.

Thinking Outside the Box

Together, we’re pushing the boundaries of collaborative learning

We envision a community for learners that together enhance each-others academic experience and overall satisfaction.

Associate is exclusively for students and is academically focused to be a useful tool for group assignments, organisation and various tasks.

Associate combines the tools to support students needs in becoming more organised and punctual.

Profiles are used with accounts which ensures a quick sign up process with user information and timetables automatically integrated.

Efficient in-app management features allow students to manage workload with individuals or groups. Create meetings in a matter of seconds, no more wasting time finding free slots.

Students can keep track of what’s important in discussions.

Notes features allow students to keep track of what’s important on a personal level but also share information with others effectively.

One Market

Quality services

There are many collaborative platforms, but we focus exclusively on students.

Driving forward

Associate’s responsive design makes it easy for students to navigate and complete academic tasks. This allows learners to participate without getting lost within the app.

Microsoft Teams – Although good for the tutor-to-student learning environment, it’s a one size fits all with many features that makes it complicated and difficult to navigate.

WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger – Used mostly everyday by students as they are comfortable with it, know how it works and is their number one choice. However, it doesn’t have all the features needed for students and is not academically focused.

We align the simplicity of WhatsApp with the our features, creating the best of both worlds.

We’ve put in the work

We place the students at the heart of our product and we work closely with institutions to continually innovate and improve.

Associate is directly intended for peer to peer collaboration and individual organisation. Most institutions have implemented tutor-to-student platforms, expecting their students to utilise these for peer-to-peer collaboration.

The app has been through multiple UI updates and testing to ensure it is efficient yet attractive and we continue to introduce new features that maintain a standard of excellence.