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We Have Experience

Studying isn’t easy!

Collaborating with other students, whether it be for an assignment, presentation, project, or just general academic work cannot be avoided!

We understand the struggles and frustrations when it comes to the academic side of your educational experience – collaborating, organising, needing to reach out to your peers etc.

associate is the app you need
Being a Student Day to Day

General pains

Working in a group towards a project has multiple minds working towards a common goal, but it can have its downsides.

Managing Multiple People

Working with a group of students means making sure everyone is informed and anything that’s planned suits everyone.

We have features that help keep things organised and on track

Losing Track of Info (Spam)

Can’t remember when your planned meeting was agreed and you have to scroll up the spammed chat.

The meetings and notes features keeps everyone informed

Finding Availability of Others

Many students will have different timetables. Finding a suitable time can be an exhausting process.

associate automatically shows when everyone is available. Making it effortless to schedule a meeting

The Wrong Tools

Using social media

Major social media apps have become the preferred communication methods for collaboration. However, let’s face it! They’re not suitable for academic work…

Limited Features

Mainly, you can chat and share files but that’s pretty much it. It’s difficult to keep yourself organised. You can’t add your own agenda or set reminders for yourself or others.

We provide all the tools you need to collaborate and stay organised


Do you really want every person to have your phone number or see your Facebook profile page?

We are not a typical social media app, so your privacy outside of academics is yours to keep

Multiple Apps

You will find that many students you’ll work with have different preferences on which apps to use.

Associate will become a universally used app, so all students at your institution will have an account

Work Smart

How it works

Student login

Your account will be your login, so no need to create an account.

Formalise your profile

The educational institution will generate your details so that we can formalise your user profile.

Update agenda

Add any upcoming events and meetings you may have to ensure there are no clashes going forward.

Start achieving!

Create, plan, organise, collaborate and become the student you need to be.

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