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The App for Students

We Have Experience

Student life isn’t easy!

There is so much to handle:

  • Lecture times
  • Socials
  • Events
  • Socieities
  • Study sessions
  • Job shifts etc.

.. and there’s no avoiding it, you have to work with other students.

We understand the struggles and frustrations organising and collaborating with other students.

Tidy profile, Easily Manageable App

Being a Student Day to Day

General pains

Working in a group towards a project has multiple minds working towards a common goal, but it can have its downsides.

Managing Multiple People

We have features that help keep things organised and on track

Losing Track of Info (Spam)

The meetings and notes features keeps everyone informed

Finding Availability of Others

Scheduling a meeting is easy as the Agenda shows all availability

The Wrong Tools

Using social media

Major social media apps have become the preferred communication methods for collaboration. However, let’s face it! They’re not suitable for academic work…

Other Apps Have Limited Features

Not focused on students

We provide all the tools you need to collaborate and stay organised

They Lack Privacy

Contact info and profiles are accessible

We are not a typical social media app

Students Use Multiple Apps for Collaboration

Messenger, WhatsApp, Slack, Telegram etc.

We aim to be the #1 used app, so all students will have an account

Work Smart

How it works

Student login

Use Your Student Email to Sign Up

Formalise your profile

Add Your Course Title and Year

Fill your calendar

Add your lectures, classes, meetings and any events. This will help you get the most from the app

Start achieving!

Create, plan, organise and collaborate

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